To draft or not to draft

I love watercolours. However, as a self-learner and beginner,  there’s always one problem that bothers me – should I draft with a pencil first? I bought some gorgeous peonies from the flower market, and they’re just perfect for me to do a comparison.

The drawing above is my first try with pencil draft and watercolour. I’m quite happy with it because with the help of the draft, I can draw the details of almost every petal. The clear lines also tell me where I should leave it blank or add shadows, and I would not be confused when handling layers of petals, so the result looks somehow more clean and organised. The second drawing is an attempt with watercolour only. Without any lines, I tried to use bold colours to express the contrast because I love how every petal is affected by the light differently. I think the result gives a free style though I want it to be more elegant and get more details.In this little experiment, I think I feel more comfortable with a pencil draft. That’s only for me of course, as there are so many artists who can do great in both. Well, I have to admit I’m not quite there yet, but no matter which medium I’m using, I would say confidence (and practises) is the key. Even when there are lines, it won’t look nice if the lines are choppy or hazy. I think a recent saying on the internet lately can be applied here: It takes efforts to work effortlessly well. Which style do you prefer? Drop me a few words to let me know 😉

Can’t help to do a pencil drawing
My favourite snacks while I draw!


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