Crochet Summer Hat

Hi, today I’m gonna take a break from drawing as I’m so excited to show you my latest crochet project – a summer hat! I followed a pattern in a Japanese book named 定番の帽子とおしゃれバッグ エコアンダリヤで編む(  I so recommend this book as it themes around summer hats and bags using cellulose rayon yarn, the special texture of which will create a fresh summer look. 

As much as I love to try the patterns, I hesitated at buying the book at first because, like many of you, I do not read Japanese at all. Imagine the bummer if I have the book in hand but can’t understand the Japanese instructions! At last I decided to give it a go, hoping my limited knowledge in diagrams would help. In fact it did (thank you Google Translate!). I love the stitches on the side of the hat and its wonderful protection from sunshine. I will be so proud wearing this for the whole summer.



I’m not gonna share the whole pattern as I don’t own it, but I’d love to show you up close how to do the side of the hat. In the photo below, it’s basically four dc (US) in the same space. On the fourth dc, yarn over and hook into one stitch before the space where you have hooked the first three dc, pull over an extra large loop that naturally covers part of the three dc. Then the rest is like a common dc, just yarn over and pull through two loops on hook, again yarn over and pull through two loops. The result is a beautiful fan-shape stitch like below.


Half way done







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