When life gives you tangled yarn

Here is my recent crochet project – a summer bag with layers of tassels. It’s required to use double yarn to give it a stronger body, so you can imagine the trouble when I had to undo almost half of it! When I almost made it to the edge, I realised I left too little space between the lines of tassles, and they were too close to each other, and I had to undo from the first layer otherwise it would not be what I wanted. It hurt so much to undo it and it hurt even more to tidy the messy yarn!

So, what should I do in this situation? I decided to do nothing. I gave up tidying the mess, instead I just started from where I left with the tangled yarn and smoothed it along the way. It was easier than I thought it would be and I quickly caught up! Isn’t our life just the same? Sometimes we try so hard to solve the problem and drill so deep that it causes so much pain. The best way perhaps is just right before us, to live on and see how it goes.


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